AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – The Golfweek Amateur Tour was in full swing Saturday afternoon at Forest Hills Golf Club for their seventh event of the season.

Founded by Phillip Robinson, the tour is in it’s 16th season the tour has amassed more than six thousand members from across the United States.

“It’s for everybody, because there are different flights and we just come out here to compete against the same people of caliber, so I enjoy it and it’s great for everybody, it’s great for everybody,” stated amateur golfer Norman Picker.

The founder, Phillip Robinson passed away from cancer in February of this year, it’s now his granddaughter Chancellar Martin who organizes the weekend events. Martin says she receives great joy living out her grandfathers legacy.

” I really miss him, it’s been a great support system that we’ve had and the players that we are getting. iIt’s just an amazing experience, like I said to continue to keep his legacy going and to continue to come out here on these beautiful Saturday’s and to enjoy a round of golf,” said Martin.

The next tour event will be held at Monticello Golf Club on May 21st, there’s also a $90 entry fee.