Muschamp and Swinney make stops in CRSA

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During the off-season there’s no obligations for big-time college football coaches, however Thursday night both Dabo Swinney and Will Muschamp visited the area to meet with fans as part of the ‘Growl and Prowl’ for Clemson and the Spurs Up’ tour for South Carolina.

“Clemson is built from the people of this state it’s been an inside out approach for years and years and years that’s why it’s important that we stay in touch and in-tuned we’re here because how what we’re built from and that’s because of towns like Aiken,” said Swinney.

” Our fan base is a loyal fan base as I’ve been around and they’ve been great to us in our three years at the University of South Carolina this is a small gesture to say thank you for all  they do for us so it’s going to be great to see them tonight starting off here in Augusta,” said Muschamp.

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