AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- “We actually just created this little section this semester, um, we’ve made chants here, we bring the energy,” AU senior Lauren Green said.

“Everybody is Aiken for that fever, and we got it baby we can’t stop, we can’t stop,” USC Aiken Head Coach father Scott Vanderslice said.

Fans sidelined the court at Christenberry Fieldhouse to cheer on their favorite teams; rain or shine, lose or win. 

“This is a really great thing that we do at Augusta University, we come together, we make the culture, we come out of our routines. Like, I personally have a couple on-campus jobs, I know a lot of people here have on-campus jobs but it’s an expectation ‘okay I got off of work, I’m going to the game,'” Green said. 

As both teams went head-to-head for the hoop, battling for that spot closer to the Sweet Sixteen, fans were cheer for cheer from the stands. 

“This team deserves the energy, this team is such a cohesive team, it brings everybody together,” Vanderslice said.

Bria: And the ladies who share the court at home and on the road say they’re always on the balls of their feet cheering on their guys. 

“The crowds come out and get us more pumped up and they get the guys more pumped up to actually, you know, win, and Aiken brings out a crowd too as well. So, it’s like, you know a big rivalry between the crowds, the teams, the cheerleaders, all that. So, it’s very, very intense,” AU Cheerleader Martasia Johnson said.

From January of 2010 to February of this year, the Jags have led in performance against the Pacers with 17 wins and 12 losses. 

“Good grief, we just, we are on our feet, we’re on our feet, hands are in the air, hands are on my head it’s a, it’s a winner takes all moment, and you can feel the quietness in the room and we’re all, we’re here for the Jag,” Green said. 

Fans tell us this kind of rivalry is what the game is truly all about. 

“This brings everything great about basketball, a heated rivalry between one team and another team– they both wanna win, they’re both passionate. It’s so much fun,” Vanderslice said.

Win or lose, fans say to show up and support is just what it means to have that Jag and Pacer pride.