AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – One local boxer is carrying a chip and the support of Augusta on his shoulder with his most recent win.

We spoke with him in April of this year – that boxer is known as Dominique Roundtree, or as many other people know him as “Lil Jalapeno,” but I guess now you can call him Mister seven and “O.”

“This isn’t something new, this person we’re seeing here– this guy’s been this person since he was 15,” friend and videographer James Aycock said.

From gyms in the CSRA to competing in rings as big as Atlanta, Roundtree is no new guy on the ropes. 

“I’m always knowing I’ve prepared. I wouldn’t even go into fight, if I didn’t think I’ve prepared all camp. Like, I make sure my camp is as hard as can be so that I know my body is ready, my mental is ready– but the last part is embracing what you’re about to do,” Roundtree said.

On September third, Roundtree won his seventh match in a row to start his career.

“I carried it straight into the next camp, like I didn’t take no time off now– good win so I’m trying to keep it pushin’, keep it pushin’ because I have a lot of people I’m representing.”

But before his feet could touch the mat in any ring, Roundtree says preparation first begins with who he is. 

“I need my regular character outside of boxing to also be disciplined and also keep myself going to sleep early, eating right, and just doing right by people– making sure I have integrity in everything that I do so that when I’m in the ring, I’m that same person inside and outside.”

During our conversation Roundtree also tells me that preparation comes with a lot of support.

“There’s so many people that rally behind me, that I feel like I have more energy to fight. Thanks to places like Clean Eatz, Ink Da City and also Heart and Hustle Printing, we have so much love going into fight…”

“We have goals to surpass Floyd Mayweather and I know he can do it. So, for me, it’s showcasing that personality ‘cause that’s what’s gonna get us there– the branding is gonna get us there. Him fighting is what he shows up to do. If we can keep doing the branding right, and he can just focus on the fighting, it’s just a matter of time,” Aycock said.

Roundtree says, though he knows boxing is a one-on-one sport, he knows he’s up there fighting with his entire support team. His next fight will be at the Atrium in Atlanta on November 11th.