AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta University students are joining other colleges and universities across Georgia, creating a community for Esports.

Augusta University opened its doors to the new Esports arena inside the Georgia Cyber Center Monday. It gives students a safe place to socialize.

“A lot of us are kind of anti-social we don’t play sports we don’t pick up anything that looks like a ball so it gives us a chance to socialize and make really great connections with people” said animation student Hannah Adams.

The arena will have 16 computers for students to play popular video games including Rocket League, Mario Kart, and others.

“If you’re good at something then don’t be afraid to join a team now and express those skills more if you’re good a football play football if you’re good a rocket league play Rocket League,” said Connor Sartain, student.

Even though the arena may be a new facility the Esports program has been at Augusta University for years, and students are excited to have a place where they can enjoy gaming.

“Seeing it all come together after what it all started as it’s amazing I could not be more grateful for the faculty support all the staff that has helped funding with the computers,” said Rocket League Jordan Morntin.

And the future of Esports at AU is bright.

“We have so many great and amazing students that are invested in this we’re looking at internships we’re looking into an esports minor and it’s really a billion dollar industry that’s still very untapped” said staff Esports coach Joshua Lafavor.

AU’s Esports team will compete in the Peach Belt conference championship at Kennesaw state university October 28th