AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Augusta-Richmond County public library has showcased many incredible exhibits over the years and their latest one in no exception.

The “History of the Atlanta Braves” exhibit is located in the Georgia Heritage Room and is the personal collection of local Braves historian Mr. Lamar Garrard.

Mr. Garrard began collecting as a young boy, but he started to pursue it more seriously about 20 years ago.

His collection includes items such as signed player cards, 57 years of Braves schedules, original game tickets and pennant flags from the 1960s, and so much more.

The exhibit is in the Heritage Room at the public library because Mr. Garrard says he enjoys teaching the community about local history through baseball. “This is the first winning ticket from New York,” points out Mr. Garrard, “they played the Mets and an Augusta pitcher from Richmond Academy, Jack Fisher, he was the losing pitcher of that game.”

All of the memorabilia on display is special to Mr. Garrard, and he says it’s worth sharing with the community. He hopes that people will enjoy the exhibit and discover a new love for what has historically been known as “America’s team.”

“The only way people will know history is if somebody passes it on,” says Mr. Garrard, “if you’re willing to share it, then the public has an appreciation for it.” Mr. Garrard has teamed up with the public library before and this is his 6th exhibit.

“The History of the Atlanta Braves” exhibit opened in August and will run through October.