Augusta Jaguars women’s basketball team help locals at election polls


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – In an election year where we are seeing a record number of people hit the polls, young people are also getting out to cast their ballot for the first time ever.

“I have opinions about things there’s things I don’t like, there’s things I do like so for my vote to matter and help make that change, that’s very important”, said senior Zairya West.

” I feel lucky enough to have this be my first year”,said Mechalla Davis. “It’s such a big and important for us to come out and show our support for whoever we vote for no matter what”.

Recently we’ve seen more and more professional athletes use their platform to exercise their political views, from the NBA to the WNBA all the way to college athletes taking a stand.

” The Augusta women’s basketball team is all African American females so I feel
like of course we’re going to embody what the WNBA has been doing completely because we
live it in one way or another, so I feel like so I feel like it’s easier for us to talk about
it because we have experience”, said Davis.

” Alot of people look at us we have fans we have family members supporters but at the end of the
day we’re human our voices should be heard regardless of what we do if we’re regular
students or if we’re student athletes “

After weeks of searching for ways to get active in the community, head coach Millette Green and her team decided it would be beneficial for the team help voters cast their ballots. Green the importance of voting is a message that she is happy her players take seriously and something that they continue to do in ever election. she want

“When their parents send them to play for me for 4 or 5 years it’s my job to develop them
into young women and hopefully this experience will create more opportunities for them in the future”.

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