AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – A simple act of sportsmanship following the Academy of Richmond County versus Harlem softball game, would blossom into a special act of kindness creating a special bond between the two programs.

“So throughout the whole game I was positive” said Richmond County senior Tiffany McCray, ” Then afterwards, I seen their bows and I was like, oh yeah, those are cute. So I complimented it”

In a game where the Musketeers loss 16-0 to the Bulldogs, Tiffany’s compliment to the opposing team, who were complete strangers at the time made a lasting impression that went beyond the diamond that day.

“After the game, me and my mom were eating dinner, and I told her about the team and their positivity that they brought to us, and she told me that we should just order some bows then,” said Harlem senior Avery Beddingfield.

” Those girls gave that stuff of their heart, and I’m telling you it’s not easy to make bows like that,” said Harlem head coach, Mike Leverett.

And the bows, have been a huge success since being gifted.

“I’m liking the look a little bit, it’s a little something, something,” McCray said with a smirk on her face.

“We’re a family, so no downgrading or belittling or anyone, no matter what the score is,” added Richmond County’s head coach Angela Lillard.

The positivity expressed by both teams received hundreds of likes and shares on Facebook, after a picture of the young ladies of ARC received their hair bows surfaced online.

“It just takes one person to start a pandemic and that’s what it is, it’s a positive pandemic for us,” said Lillard.

The post caught the attention of Chasity and Christopher Foster who donated $500 to each softball program.

” That trade on both sides is just kind of inspiring to see kindness in a competitive setting,” said Christopher Foster.

The Fosters are no strangers to kind gestures, as they have scholarships and a foundations for such acts of kindness. Their mission is to honor their late daughter, Shaylin who was killed in a car crash on her way to school in 2018. They do this because their daughter Shaylin, believed that small acts of kindness could change the world. The same acts of kindness displayed by both Harlem and Academy of Richmond County softball teams.

“They didn’t realize what they were doing and the impact that they were having, but they were having an extreme impact and I hope that it continues the next person,” says Chasity Foster.

” I hope that it continues to impact the world around them and I hope it continues to inspire others,” Foster adds.