AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Jayden is a star football player, wrestler, and he does track and field for the bulldogs.

On top of being a 2x All-State linebacker and 2022 region defensive player of the year, Jayden has excellent grades which helped him earn offers from 20 D1 schools.

He has a 4.4 GPA and is in the top 10% of his class. For his hard work on the field and in the classroom, Jayden has been named this week’s WJBF Scholar Athlete.

Jayden’s family members say he is a very hard worker and they nominated him for this award in the hopes he would earn some recognition.

“He does so well in the classroom and works hard in everything he does,” Jayden’s parents said. “it’s great for him to get some recognition and put his name out there more than it already is.”

His parents are not the only ones in awe of Jayden’s accomplishments. Silver Bluff head football coach De’Angelo Bryant says Jayden’s leadership has helped his team and that he is “always wanting to put not just himself in a good position, but others around him.”

As a senior Jayden has contributed a lot to the school and he will be greatly missed when he goes to college.

“It’s going to be a big pride thing for us,” said head track coach William Griswould. “His teammates, coaches, administrators, we’re all going to be very proud of that young man. He’s going to do very big things in his life.”

On top of being a great athlete and student, Jayden has many admirable qualities with his mom calling him genuine and loyal.

“I love his genuineness,” Jayden’s mom, Jessica said. “Jayden loves who he loves and supports who he supports so I think that’s one of the best qualities that I see in him.”

Jayden had offers from 20 D1 programs including multiple Ivy league schools such as Princeton and UPenn.

After a lot of consideration, Jayden has decided that his new home will be at Miami of Ohio University. A big congratulations to Jayden and his family!