AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Strom Thurmond senior Chase Brightharp has succeeded athletically and academically during his four years in high school. Brightharp has achieved all-region and state honors on the football field.

Chase has also been a nice asset for the Rebels track and field team as well, last year he finished second in the SCHSL-AA state meet in the discuss throws.

Chase has set a very high standard for himself in the classroom too, as he maintains a 3.6 GPA and credits his teachers, parents and coaches for helping him succeed.

” I do all my classwork in class so when I get home, I can have time to rest up for the sports,” said Chase.

His father Jamall says at home they just want give Chase a supportive environment, ” we just give him encouragement constantly and praise all the success that he has, and we make sure he knows we’re there for him no matter what.”

Though it’s only his first coaching Chase, Rebels head football coach Andrew Webb says Chase is a great leader to have on the program.

“Student-athlete, student comes first and he does that everyday and every class. That’s the way his mama and daddy raised him, and he does a really good job of setting an example for our entire team,” said Webb.

Brightharp intends to study business in college next year.