WJBF – Disabled Veteran Ronnie  Cranford has done it all. From serving his country during the Vietnam War, supporting his family, and helping his community. It’s clear why he’s this month’s Salute to Service honoree.

Ronnie Cranford is a disabled U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served in the Vietnam War.

“Firing was going on the whole time, and this other guy that was with me, I said let’s go on up there and help him, he said ‘ok,’ he said ‘you go first,’ so I jump up, I start zig zagging, and running low, and I cut to go around a crater whole that was in front of me, and when I cut, a sniper picked me off, went through my right shoulder and knocked me down,” said Cranford.

Ronnie is the youngest of ten children, and after graduating highschool he decided to sign up for the Marine Corps.

“I joined the Marines because they were the best, and the training we went through was really hard,” said Cranford.

For Cranford, being a marine meant everything.

“I was proud and really honored to be a marine. It’s an honor, even if you don’t make it back,” said Cranford.

Cranford received the Purple Heart Medal for his time in Vietnam. He now spends his time cleaning up Prospect Methodist Church, taking care of his family, and helping others.

“The church is a small church, and they don’t have many members any more, and we started going up and taking care of the cemetery, me and my niece.”

“I think it’s because he never squandered his time, I think he relishes life, and he appreciated having his life, and when he came back here he was determined to be a good husband, a good father, a good grandfather, and a good uncle,” said his Niece, Marcia Cranford.

“I feel great about it, even though I hurt a lot when I do it, I’m glad to be able to do it,” said Cranford.

It’s because of Cranfords service to his country, and community, is why he’s this month’s Salute to Service Honoree.

“I know that he’s very proud to be a Marine because he did not try to dodge the draft, he met his obligations, and duty to his country, and put his life on the line, and I know that he’s a very proud American.