(WJBF) – It’s that time of the month again where we introduce you to our Salute to Service Honoree. Each month, we spotlight one of our men or women in uniform who continues to make a difference in our community. This month we had the honor of speaking with Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Samantha Wolf.

Wolf has been in the service since 2015 and has been active duty at Fort Gordon the past three years.

“I’m a doctor for the community. Here in Augusta, we at the family medicine clinic serve mostly retirees and dependents, so we take care of people every day,” said Wolf.

Wolf always wanted to help people and the Army was just what she was looking for.

“I wanted to pursue my medical training at an excellent medical facility and the Army offers excellent medical training and then I wanted to practice medicine with a community of people that I respect greatly,” said Wolf.

The work that Wolf and her staff does is very important and helps people from across the community.

“We have a very robust population of retirees and the active duty population here is very large, lots of dependents, also. So, taking care of those people as a primary care physician, so the frontline for their healthcare is exceedingly important to getting people what they need,” said Wolf.

Wolf’s staff not only appreciates the work she does, but also love her as a person.

“She’s just very cool. She treats her patients like she would her family. She treats us like she would her family. We’ve seen her children grow, we’ve seen her children right after they were born, and just watched her grow from a resident to a physician,” said Registered Nurse, Ruth Oglesby.

“When we work together it’s like we know each other’s moves and that’s how it’s supposed to be between a doctor and a nurse” said Licensed Practical Nurse, Briggitte Pierce.

Dr. Wolf has done a lot of great work in Augusta all these years, but her time here is coming to an end as she heads to Fort Rucker in Alabama. She’s a mother, a soldier, and a physician who made an impact in this community, so it’s no surprise that she this months recipient of the Salute to Service Award.

“She is amazing for her patients, they’re going to miss her a great deal and we’ll all miss her very much too,” said Oglesby.

“I’m going to miss her, I know she’s going to do good but always keep in touch because we’re family,” said Pierce.

They are the best nursing staff that I could possibly ask for. Residency training is very hard, we work very long hours and it would be absolutely impossible for me to do this without them,” said Wolf.