(WJBF) – It’s that time of the month again for us to introduce you to our Salute to Service honoree. Each month we spotlight a veteran who continues to make a difference in our community. This month I had the honor of speaking with retired army veteran, Earl Culver.

Earl Culver served his country for 24 years in the Army, worked his way up the ranks, and retired as a Master Sergeant.

He traveled the world, from Vietnam, to Saudi Arabi, and beyond.

For him, his time serving was an honor.

“I loved my time in the military, especially going to Vietnam; supporting, coming back, and continuing as a drill sergeant while back here in the States. Teaching troops, bringing them up, and seeing them advance up through the ranks doing their military duties, as well,” said Culver.

While Culver is retired, that isn’t stopping him from helping others. When he moved back to the U.S., he and several others re-established the homeowners association in his neighborhood. He now serves as the President of that group and continues to help those who need it.

“With his professional attitude and professional grace that he displays in everything that he does, he initiates a lot of stuff and sticks with it. He’s just a fantastic individual. All you got to do is ask him and he’s there,” said retired veteran, Lonell Spurgeon.

“Culver is pretty much everywhere. Whenever I’m at events, I can look up and actually see him at events. He’s much in tune on what’s going on in this community and he really cares about this community. He cares about the CSRA and we’re just so fortunate to have an individual like that,” said Captain of Administration with the Richmond County Marshals Office, James Sabb.

When word got out that Culver was being surprised with the Salute to Service award, veterans, friends, and family came out to show their appreciation.

“To have all these people show up for just little old me,” said Culver.

“Did you know this was going on today?”

“No, I had no idea,” said Culver.

“I knew he had it in him and I’m so glad that he got the award because he served the country, he served us, he took care of everybody, he definitely took care of the family” said Earl S. Culver, Earl’s first son.

“He served his country and, also, he transferred some of those skills into civilian life and he’s continuing to do that,” said Waymon Stewart, Earl’s life-long friend.

“I’m so proud that I can call you a friend and that you can call me a friend. Again, My salute to you,” said Captain Sabb.

“I salute all those veterans out there and as they say, veterans know veterans and all and after the military we still serve and I want to say to them continue to serve,” said Culver.

If you know of a veteran that you want to nominate for our Salute to Service award you can nominate them HERE.