(WJBF) – Woodrow Fryer is a veteran and pastor who devotes his time to serving his community. He says his time in the Marine Corps changed his life.

“Really it saved my life because everything in Augusta was kind of going crazy in the 80’s. The drug trade popping off and everything and I saw a lot of people getting in trouble. So, I ran and joined the Marines to get away from everything and when I got up in there, it really changed my life forever. So, I put 10 years in the Marines and then I switched over to the Air Force in the Gulf War,” said Fryer.

Woodrow started losing his sight in 2008, but that hasn’t slowed down his mission to help others.

“I do everything from feed people out of my refrigerator, to me and my daughter; we cut checks. We give cash to people who are running low. We’re not a charitable organization. We don’t really have it to give but we give from the heart,” said Fryer.

“Every time you call him he’s there. He can help you. He’s there. It’s hard to find people who will help others but when you find someone that will help others, that’s good,” said Andre Crawford of Hull Evangelist Ministries.

“If he knows someone that will provide a service that he cannot provide at the time, he will definitely get you together with that person,” said Trena Huff, a member of the Blind Veterans Association.

Fryer now serves as the President of the Blind Veterans Association in Augusta. He says losing his vision only enhanced his ability to help others.

“I was blind but now I see. When I had 20/20 vision I saw with my eyes but I never used my intellect. I never used my spirituality to see nothing. I was always based on what I could see with my natural eyes but when I lost my clarity of vision, then my spiritual eyes became open and I saw the world in a different light,” said Fryer.

“It gives him more insight on other things than just the surface. He doesn’t just look at the appearance of something, because of course he can’t see it. So, he has to look deeper,” said Huff.

“We try to help people every day and we want everyone to know that we have a Blind Veterans Association right here in Augusta, Georgia, and we’re going to be here from now on and grow our unit. So, if you want to help, call us. If you need prayer, call us. Need guidance, call us. Whatever you need, give us a call. We’re here to help you,” said Fryer.

With his love for his country and desire to help those in need, it’s no surprise Woodrow Fryer is the recipient of this month’s Salute to Service Award.