AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Dolce Darlin is a bakery located in Downtown Augusta. There you can find desserts, cooking classes, and more.

Over the years, the business and its owners have received a lot of support from the CSRA.

We talked with owner Cat Musgrove about her business, her family, and how thankful she is for the support.

Tell us a little bit about Dolce Darlin.

“We have a full menu. We make lunch items, breakfast items, tons of cupcakes, tons of pastries. We have about 25 items on our menu on the days that we’re open. We do catering and hosting parties and classes and whatever else you ask because my little tender heart will pretty much say yes to all the things.”

How long have you been in Augusta?

“So, we’re actually about to celebrate what I’m calling our 3rd and 10. So, it’s our third year here in the pink house in November, and it’s our 10th year as a business in November, as well.”

How much has the community supported you?

“I have said this multiple times, I will say this until the day that I die, this house would not be where it is, we would not be anywhere near where we are if the community had not rallied hard behind us, and just to give you a scope of what that means, I’m not talking two or three of my buddies or 20 of my buddies showed up, I’m talking about when we started renovating, we had 45 days of savings and. We did 45 days of renovations.”

“There was no option but to work all day every single day to get open because there was no more money. We had hundreds, probably, like 200-plus people come out. And randomly, strangers would come up and they would be like, ‘Oh, we heard about your story. We saw your post on Facebook. We’ve been following you for forever. We want to be a part of it.’ And so, this is kind of the house that the community built. The house that the community built. I mean, it was not just us. I guarantee and promise. So with that in our hearts and minds, literally, we’re
three years later. This November will be three years. Literally, three years later, we are constantly talking about, ‘Oh, this person just came in. Remember they helped us pull carpet in the upstairs? Remember they did a little demo in the kitchen and knocked down a wall?’
And I hear people come in and they’ll tell their friends like, ‘Oh, I helped paint the trim
in this room.’ And it makes me so happy because they legitimately feel like, and they do,
have stock in this place. So, they get to kind of visit the place they helped build up.”