LINCOLNTON, GA (WJBF) – The Glamp Inn in Lincolnton, Georgia combines camping and staying in a luxury hotel.

It’s all the fun of the great outdoors, but instead of a tent you’ll be staying in an air conditioned geodome. It has all the features of home, including tile, showers, a working bathroom, kitchen and an onsite catering service.

The “Your Hometown Road Trip” crew stopped in to see what “glamping” was all about and talk to owner Shayne Stuart about her business.

What is the Glamp Inn?

“The Glamp Inn is a nice beautiful location where we combine camping and glamour, so it is glamorous camping, that’s what glamping is. So the Glamp Inn is the epitome of Glamorous camping.”

What are the big domes that people are staying in?

They are geodomes, that’s their official name. Inside each geodome you’ll find the efficiencies of a luxury home. You have your full bathroom, kitchenette, bedroom area, lounging area, so all of the comforts of home. I like to say it’s a luxury hotel in the woods because we have all of the imitates of a luxury hotel. Your stay includes breakfast, a bottle of wine, and lunch and you have the options to have your dinners catered by our personal chef.

When people come out here and experience this for the first time, what’s their reaction?

“Usually wow. A lot of people find me on social media and say the pictures do not do it justice.”

What made you decide to do this?

“I’ve raised my three daughters camping because I wanted them to travel and as a single mother, camping was the most economical way to travel . Coming from corporate America I had a lot of associates, a lot of girlfriends that could not get in to camping, couldn’t do sleeping on the ground, didn’t want to do outside and so for my retirement I decided that I was going to do glamping because I want people to be able to explore the outdoors and to be comfortable doing it.”