HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) Red Oak Manor is a bed and breakfast that does it all. It features five bedrooms, the Acorn Restaurant and an attached event venue.

For “Your Hometown Road Trip,” the crew stopped in to speak with one of the owners about the business, the food, and why Harlem is such a special place to be.

Talk to us about what you do here at the Red Oak Manor.

“Well it’s our family business, we purchased the property 16 years ago, really completed the project about 15 years ago, turning a single family home into a bed and breakfast, a full service restaurant, and a event venue. We love it, we like to serve the community, we like to be a presence in Harlem and a place everyone knows they can go.

This is a family business? Talk to me about that.

My Mom, my Dad, my Sister, and I decided 16 years ago that we wanted to have an event venue in Harlem where people could get married, have baby showers, dinner parties, just a place where they could come, and in order to do that you’ve got to cook and have a place for them to stay and it blossomed. With our bigger events, like weddings, we do the cake, the catering, photography, the venue, the bed and breakfast, my sisters an event coordinator, we can do everything except for the flowers and clothes.

Since you’ve opened, how much has the community supported you?

“It’s great, we love Harlem, we wouldn’t change a thing. We really want to be an asset to the town and the town is great about supporting us as well.

So in the restaurant, what the specialty?

“It’s a very family friendly restaurant, we’re on our 4th generation now, my great niece, and my grandson their here every now and then, and we give the kids paper and crayons to color on the tables, it’s very homey. I wouldn’t say southern cooking specifically, it’s more of an American menu, our burgers are the bomb, they’re home made, we put a little sausage in them, everything is home made. Our fish is our other top seller and it’s off the chain.