HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) – Harlem Java House was founded in 2016 and is a great spot if you’re looking to grab some coffee while in Harlem.

For this episode of “Your Hometown Road Trip,” we stopped in and talked with the owners about the coffee shop, and why they think Harlem is such a special place to be.

Talk to us about the history of this place.

“This place started back in 2016 and back then, apparently there was nothing out here in Harlem, especially in the downtown area, and the original owner had a vision for this place of making a coffee shop and bringing in a lot of local artists, and vendors to support the local people here, and then Harlem has no local coffee shop near by so she said people need a coffee shop near by for the morning to wake up to. That was her vision, and our vision we’ve been carrying that on, we want to support the local town. We love the people of Harlem, we’ve gotten to know so many of them.”

What is it about Harlem that’s so special?

“I think Harlem definitely has that small town feel, and we know most of the customers that come in by their first name basis, they’re like family to us. My wife and I love developing relationships, and to me that’s what Harlem is all about, meeting people, and getting to know them, and that’s been a great expierence.