HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) – Harlem has a lot of things to do and it even has it’s own dive shop, Bubble or Not.

There you can learn how to dive, get equipment, and more.

The “Your Hometown Road Trip” crew stopped in to find out what the business is all about.

What types of things do you do here at Bubbles or Not?

Bubble or Not Dive Shop was established in 2016, my late husband and I we wanted to build a shop where divers can come in and call home. We train scuba divers from basic open waters to all the way up to become an instructor.

Where do you go to train for diving?

During the winter we normally go to Florida and then in the summer time we go to Alabama.

How did you get in to diving?

My husband convinced me 25 years ago. He would always come out after diving and tell me all these stories about the wonderful things he sees while scuba diving, so he said I needed to start diving.

What’s that feeling like when you first go under water?

It is so relaxing. It’s the only time where you can actually decompress. I like to call it yoga under water.

How long does it take to learn how to dive?

Our process takes about three days. When you come and sign up for the class, we send you your e-learning, you can actually do that at your home, and once you’re done, you just have to give us a call and tell us, and then we will schedule your confined water which is in the pool, then we do your open water in an open environment, whether that’s an ocean, quarry, or lake, then you do your final dive.