LINCOLNTON, Ga. (WJBF) – Back Paddle Brewing is a small batch, craft beer, and farm-to-table eatery in Lincoln County, Georgia.

For three years the brewery has been known for its good food, music, and giving back to the community with its Beer4Good fund.

The “Your Hometown Road Trip” Crew stopped in to speak with owner Kyle McCloud about his business and about how much the community has supported it.

What is Back Paddle Brewing?

“Back Paddle Brewing is Lincoln County’s first and only craft brewery. We also feature farm and table dining, all of our proteins are sourced from farmers right here in Lincoln County.”

What are some of the awards that you’ve gotten from over the years?

“Two years in a row we won Augusta Magazines ‘Best Music Bar’, we took second place this year, we’re going to be trying to get that first place again next year, I personally was selected as one of Georgia Trends 40 under 40 for 2022 which is awesome to be able to represent our community doing that.”

You guys also do a lot of charity work in the community, correct?

“When we first opened we borrowed a program from our friends at South Bend Brew Werks called the Beer4Good program and we modified it a little bit to suit our needs. What we do is take 25 cents from every single beer that’s sold and we put in to a Beer4Good fund and at the end of every quarter we donate that money to local non profits, in November we stand in Downtown and give out turkeys to folks who need them, and of course the big seller this year was our Dad Bod Calendar.”

How does it feel having the community support you all of these years?

We wouldn’t have any of the success that we’ve had if it wasn’t for the community. Lincoln County has really opened up their arms to us and this is not a traditional business for a small community like Lincoln County, so as they have opened their arms to us, we do everything we can to insure we continue gaining their trust and hopefully their admiration, and continue growing our community.