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Which gymnastics mats are best?

Whether gymnastics is simply a fun activity for your kid to participate in or a potential career path, safety is extremely important when practicing gymnastics. Gymnastics mats are the staple of safety in the sport, as they ensure that any unintended tumbles don’t lead to injury. As such an important facet of gymnastics training, you want to make sure you purchase the right gymnastics mat for your needs. Our top pick is a personal folding mat from We Sell Mats.

What to know before you buy a gymnastics mat


Folding mats: The most common type, folding mats are larger mats that have multiple panels attached together that can fold on top of one another for easy transportation and storage. Also known as panel mats, folding mats often have hook-and-loop straps on the ends so you can attach multiple folding mats together for an even larger practice area. Although folding mats are available in a variety of sizes, most of the largest mats on the market are folding mats.

Cartwheel mats: Specially designed to help gymnasts learn cartwheels, cartwheel mats have graphics on the vinyl to show a gymnast proper hand and foot placement for a successful cartwheel. Although they may seem a bit childish, a cartwheel mat is still sufficient as a padded mat even after the graphics are no longer needed. Some cartwheel mats also have a built-in beam for practicing balance beam routines.

Incline mats: Ideal for gymnasts practicing back and front rolls or walkovers, incline mats are available in several different incline heights and angles. These mats create the effect of a slope, allowing a gymnast to get more momentum for rolls and walkovers as they get started.

Flexible roll mats: Often shortened to “flexi-rolls,” these mats are designed to mimic competition flooring. Unlike competition floors, these mats don’t have built-in springs; however, they create a similar experience, making them perfect for competition-focused gymnasts. Flexible roll mats roll up for easy storage.

What to look for in a quality gymnastics mat


The key to any mat’s success is its thickness. If a gymnastics mat is too thin, it won’t safely cushion falls, but if it is too thick, it inhibits tricks because hands and feet sink into the material. While you can find mats as thin as 1 inch or as thick as 5 inches, standard gymnastics mats range from 1 ⅜ to 2 inches in thickness. Less-experienced gymnasts should opt for thicker mats, while more experienced gymnasts may opt for thinner ones.


While most fold up or roll up when not in use, the usable floor space that a mat can exist on is key. For younger gymnasts, a smaller mat may be okay, but in most cases, larger is better. It’s better to have more padded space than you need than to lack space to safely execute a certain trick or skill.

Slide resistance

If your mat is going to be on hard floors, opt for a mat with slide-resistant backing that keeps the mat in place. Most home mats are designed to be reversible, though, so this backing is less common. Most mats do use vinyl coatings designed to be grippy enough to stay on the floor when using either side.

How much you can expect to spend on a gymnastics mat

Depending on size and thickness, you can spend as little as $30 on a gymnastics mat or as much as $250. For less than $100, you’ll be looking at a 6- to 8-foot mat that is around 1.5 inches thick. For a 2-inch thick mat, you’ll probably pay at least $130. For mats 10 feet long or longer, expect to pay $150-$250; however, these larger mats will give your gymnast plenty of room to practice on as they grow.

Gymnastics mat FAQ

What is the best way to sanitize a gymnastics mat?

A. Typically, you can use any disinfectant spray that you have in your home, or dish detergent mixed with water. To clean, wet a rag or sponge with the cleaner and wipe it over both sides of your mat, rinse it with just water, then give it plenty of time to air-dry before the next use.

Are gymnastics mats waterproof?

A. Most of the time, yes. Vinyl-encased mats, which are the most common, are considered to be waterproof. Check reviews for your specific product, but many are even waterproof enough to safely be stored outdoors.

What are the best gymnastics mats to buy?

Top gymnastics mat

We Sell Mats 4 x 10 ft Personal Fitness & Exercise Mat

We Sell Mats 4 x 10 ft Personal Fitness & Exercise Mat

What you need to know: Big enough to practice some of the most involved tricks, this thick, foldable mat is perfect for large spaces.

What you’ll love: Available in eight colors, this easy-to-clean gymnastics mat is made from durable 2-inch-thick cross-linked foam for ensured safety. You can use this mat indoors or outdoors and it is foldable for easy transport and storage.

What you should consider: Some customers experienced damage during delivery.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top gymnastics mat for the money

BalanceFrom All-Purpose 4-by-10-Feet Folding Exercise Aerobics Mat

BalanceFrom All-Purpose 4-by-10-Feet Folding Exercise Aerobics Mat

What you need to know: This high-density mat is large enough on its own, but it also offers hook-and-loop connections so you can attach additional mats for even more usable space.

What you’ll love: Made from 2 inches of thick EPE foam covered in puncture-resistant and moisture-resistant vinyl that deters sweat and cleans up easily, this mat gives you all the size and transportability of the best mats at a budget-friendly cost.

What you should consider: It is not as durable as other options on this list. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat

Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat

What you need to know: Made from a trusted brand, this gymnastics mat is lightweight and durable, perfect for more advanced gymnasts who don’t need as much cushion when they fall.

What you’ll love: Available in a variety of sizes, colors and thicknesses, Tumbl Trak has mats suitable for any gymnast. The folding panels have a closure at each end to maintain a tight fold. This also is a great option for athletes who do dance or martial arts.

What you should consider: It has a strong chemical smell upon arrival that fades over time. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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