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Which brown shower curtain is best?

Brown gets a bad rap. Often overlooked in favor of brighter, more saturated hues, this underappreciated earth tone is a fundamental base note for any modern interior. You just have to know how to use it. 

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, your shower curtain offers an excellent canvas for brown-inspired palettes. From rusty to chocolaty, whichever you choose is a matter of comfort and taste. For a brown shower curtain that will look good in any modern interior, you can’t go wrong with the Red Barrel Studio Imperial 100% Cotton Solid Color Shower Curtain

What to know before you buy a brown shower curtain

Benefits of brown

Brown is of the earth — the color of soil, clay, wood and stone. These natural associations imbue the hue with a sense of strength, stability and security.

Because brown is a mixture of colors, you can modulate its psychological effects by controlling the colors that comprise it. Dark browns rich in blue, black and red are sumptuous, reminding us of delicious coffee or decadent chocolate. Red-tinted browns such as terracotta and sienna bring us back down to the earthiness of clay, offering feelings of warmth and innate belonging. And brighter, yellow- or green-tinted browns create a sense of stability and vitality found among the natural woods of teeming forests. 

Colors that go with brown

One popular color scheme that includes brown is the Tuscan palette, which includes neutral tones and light pastels. You can also arrange palettes inspired by nature, which incorporate the warm hues of sunset, the neutral tones of stone and the vibrant hues of vegetation. 

Styling brown

Brown makes for a bold choice. In modern, minimalist and boho decors, rusty-reddish browns recall the aesthetics of nomadic cultures connected to the earth. These pair nicely with the muted palettes and raw-wood finishes found in mid-century modern furniture.

Richer mochas and creamy, brown-adjacent neutrals like beige, ocher and taupe have a more sophisticated and classical vibe. These pair well with luxurious metal accents, soft fabrics and Carrara or statuary marble.

Patterned vs. solid color

Going with a solid-brown shower curtain can feel a little audacious. Though solid brown can look great in red tints and light beiges, darker hues can dominate the room. 

Patterns present a practical alternative by using a combination of colored motifs and neutral backdrops to calm the visual density of this color. Whether you go with a geometric or ornamental design depends on whether you have a modern or classical interior. But the refining and placating effect remains the same.

What to look for in a quality brown shower curtain


Shower curtains are made from three materials that affect their durability and feel:

  • Cotton: The premium option of the three, cotton has a soft, thick weave commonly used by spas and other luxurious locales. This material lasts the longest, but it’s not waterproof, so you will need a liner.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is the budget option, and it is waterproof, lightweight and easy to clean. For those who want an eco-friendly alternative, you can opt for PEVA or EVA, which eliminates that plasticky smell commonly associated with vinyl. Regardless, with these alternatives, you will have to replace your curtain more often. 
  • Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic fabric that’s completely waterproof. While it has a somewhat plastic sheen, the weave of this material offers a sophisticated substitute for vinyl and a more durable substitute for cotton. 


  • Standard: Shower curtains are standardized at 72 inches by 72 inches (give or take an inch or two). This is sized to cover one long edge of your typical bathtub. 
  • Extra-wide: For freestanding tubs or tubs with more than one side exposed, you need an extra-wide curtain. These range from 108 to 180 inches in width so that you can cover the entire diameter without worrying about spillage or privacy.
  • Extra-long: Bathrooms with high ceilings or curtain rods need an extra-long shower curtain. With an additional 1 to 2 feet in length, this kind of curtain prevents water from seeping out at the bottom onto your floor.
  • Narrow: Small bathrooms usually found in apartments, condos or hotels have little space for standard curtains, which bunch at the edge of skinny sliding doors or openings. Narrow shower curtains are half the length of standard ones and get rid of annoying bunching.


Sewn into the top hem of the shower curtain is a series of 12 or so holes called grommets. These are typically reinforced with plastic or rustproof metal. Shower curtains with large enough grommets can slide directly onto the curtain rod. These are the simplest to install, but they tend to bunch up and are hard to pull completely flat. 

If you have small grommets, you’ll need hooks. These rings slide onto the curtain rod and hook into your grommets at the bottom. Installation takes longer, but hooks are easier to move back and forth and make it so the curtain can lie flat.

How much you can expect to spend on a brown shower curtain

A vinyl or polyester shower curtain costs about $10-$60. Premium fabrics run between $70-$120. 

Brown shower curtain FAQ

Do you need to use a liner with a shower curtain?

A. Liners help extend the life span of your shower curtain by providing an extra protective barrier against mold and mildew. Since cotton isn’t waterproof, you need a liner with this material. For vinyl and polyester, it isn’t necessary, but can help you get more use out of each. 

How do you clean a shower curtain?

A. Vinyl, polyester and cotton can all be placed in the washing machine. Vinyl can also be wiped down with a household cleaner and paper towel. You should clean your shower curtain once a month.

What’s the best brown shower curtain to buy?

Top brown shower curtain

Red Barrel Studio Imperial 100% Cotton Solid Color Shower Curtain

Red Barrel Studio Imperial 100% Cotton Solid Color Shower Curtain

What you need to know: Cast in a soft, coffee brown, this hefty shower curtain has a deluxe feel.

What you’ll love: The neutral, muted tone is similar to that of raw linen or burlap and pairs nicely with the crisp whites of modern bathrooms. Made from cotton, the soft fabric of this shower curtain has a premium, concentric-square waffle texture.

What you should consider: You need a liner with this curtain. 

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top brown shower curtain for the money

mDesign Hotel Quality Polyester/Cotton Blend Shower Curtain

mDesign Hotel Quality Polyester/Cotton Blend Shower Curtain

What you need to know: This curtain has that thick, hotel-quality fabric you’d expect from cotton on a budget.

What you’ll love: Made from a cotton-polyester blend, this waffle-knit curtain is plush yet durable due to its metal-reinforced grommets. The solid taupe provides a subdued neutral tone for crisp clean interiors. You can also get this curtain in extra-long, extra-wide and narrow sizes.

What you should consider: Despite its polyester content, this curtain is not waterproof and should have a liner.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

YoKii Mudcloth Fabric Shower Curtain

YoKii Mudcloth Fabric Shower Curtain

What you need to know: Inspired by the mudcloth motifs of Malian culture, this clay-colored curtain has a boho vibe.

What you’ll love: With intricate white patterning atop a rusty-red brown, this curtain feels both earthy and bright. It’s made from heavy-duty polyester with a weighted hem to prevent it from billowing in drafty bathrooms. The waterproof curtain comes in a variety of sizes, and you get 12 hooks to hang it with.

What you should consider: You can’t get this in extra-wide sizes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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