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Should I get an Arlo or Miku baby monitor?

When it comes to our babies’ safety and well-being, we instinctively do everything within our power to control and maintain their environment. 

With all the smart,efficient technology available, it’s no wonder that any caretaker or parent would want to invest in a baby monitor. They provide peace of mind and convenience, especially those with additional features and high-quality performance. 

Arlo and Miku are two compelling baby monitors. Both offer endless features and capabilities, providing the uncompromising reliability you need when caring for a baby. 

Arlo baby monitor

Arlo baby monitor

The Arlo Baby Monitor is a smart, all-inclusive baby monitoring camera that features a distinctive, fun, child-friendly design. It boasts an impressive range of features, allows live viewing and delivers smart alerts to paired devices through a convenient app. The brand says that this highly intelligent product will ensure you never have to leave your baby alone again. These monitors cost approximately $285.

Arlo baby monitor pros

You can set up and pair this monitor straight out of the box in an easy process that only takes  minutes. Furthermore, it’s extremely simple to use and navigate once you’ve connected it to the app. Most users feel that the camera has spectacular high-definition picture quality and unparalleled night vision, features that are paramount for concerned parents and caretakers. 

Perhaps the most recognizable characteristic of the Arlo monitor is its cute, playful design, which looks like either a rabbit, a cat or a dog. Unlike the competing Miku, you can effortlessly pair this monitor with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and more, adding layers of convenience and worry-free accessibility.

Arlo baby monitor cons

Despite its technological advantages, parents have reported an array of technical difficulties. The most common are delays in video, missed notifications, connectivity issues and inaccurate temperature readings. Another, relatively uncommon, issue is the camera becoming overheated. Considering that these monitors are supposed to enhance safety, these complaints are difficult to ignore completely. 

When compared with other models, the Arlo baby monitor also yields a poorer-quality sound, which can be quite an inconvenience for worried parents and caretakers. Similarly, some users have reported delays in playback. 

It’s imperative to have helpful, patient customer service, especially for such costly technology. However, many Arlo consumers have reported difficulties getting support with isolated or recurring issues.

Miku baby monitor

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor

The maker of the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor highlights its technological prowess, particularly its ability to monitor your baby’s health and sleeping habits wirelessly. In addition, it stresses the accuracy of the monitor’s readings and the fact that it operates without wires or devices connected to your sleeping child.

Miku baby monitors are at the higher end of the price range for video baby monitors, averaging around $399. 

Miku baby monitor pros

Most people who have used competitors’ products feel that the Miku is truly better. It sets itself apart with its phenomenal sound, far exceeding expectations in many cases. 

Another invaluable feature is that this monitor can function even without an internet connection, especially important if you tend to lose your internet connection regularly. Miku’s monitor processes data locally and not over the internet, making it both more private, but also allowing it to operate significantly faster. Many considered this the most valuable quality that separates it from the others.

Miku baby monitor cons

Unlike its Arlo counterpart, you cannot pair the Miku with any Google applications or Amazon Alexa. It also has its occasional technical issues, though to a lesser degree than many other brands.

Should you get an Arlo or a Miku baby monitor?

In a lot of ways, particularly in terms of features and functions, these monitors are similar. Both embrace comfort and convenience with user-friendly technology and accessories. In addition, both feature crystal-clear high-definition video and various other functions to track a baby’s health and general comfort. 

However, Miku’s product is far more reliable, ensuring it’s up to the task of monitoring that which is most precious to us. It works continuously, without the many interruptions and glitches of some comparable products.

It’s also significantly more expensive. But most users feel it’s worth the convenience of owning a fully functional, reliable baby monitor. Therefore, it’s best to make a greater financial investment in the Miku baby monitor.

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