COLUMBIA COUNTY (WJBF)– Republican Herschel Walker, who is challenging Sen. Raphael Warnock for his senate seat,  brought his American Bus Tour to Columbia County Wednesday, stopping at the ‘Women for Herschel’ rally.

Hundreds of women turned out to hear Walker break down his plans, focusing on his support for law enforcement and the military.

Walker says his upcoming debate with opponent Raphael Warnock is most important.

“that’s what I’ve been saying it should be a debate that’s about the people about he voters it shouldn’t be a debate about the media or some pardon so I thank him  for voluntary” said Herschel Walker, Candidate for Georgia Senate

Another debate is expected to take place in Macon. Walker says he wants to focus on one debate at a time.

“What I said is we got to do one debate let’s do this one and get this one out the way and we’ll see where we going because we hadn’t did the first one yet he said he’ll debate me” said Walker.

He also talked about the importance of mental health support for soldiers at the rally. Walker says he hopes to increase mental health resources at military bases across Georgia.

“ We have the greatest young men and women in the world in our military greatest fight enforce ever assembled, and you have some that go over to these different places and they get wounded not just physically but mentally as well” said Walker.