AUGUSTA (WJBF) – Senator Warnock visits Augusta once again. 

“Now I get to write health care bills, you gave me some new tools.” 

This time, he was accompanied by his friend and colleague, Senator Jon Ossoff. 

With just three days before the runoff election, Sen. Warnock says it’s important to touch the pavement. 

“Look, you can’t lead the people without constantly staying in touch with the people and so I intend to come back time and time again to do whatever I can for the people of Augusta.” 

During his speech at the Robert Howard Community Center, Senator Warnock acknowledged voter impact.

“I wanna thank the people of Augusta for showing up in such a powerful way– record turnout we have been seeing.”

And Sen. Ossoff was by his side to amplify those accomplishments. 

“To cut the cost of insulin for seniors in our state, to expand high-speed internet access for our state, to support the military families living on post here at Fort Gordon– all of that is because Senator Warnock works with Republicans and Democrats in a highly effective way.” 

He says should Sen. Warnock remain in office, they would continue what they’ve already done. 

“We’re gonna continue working together and continue working across the aisle. I have seen that Senator Warnock has earned universal respect in the senate– on both sides of the aisle– and his ability to deliver for Georgia.”

Residents in Augusta and local officials came out to rally with Sen. Warnock. 

People from the area say they want someone they know about. 

“Some of the things that he has in his plans for the City of Augusta. So we look forward to seeing that come to fruition.”

“Don’t even know what the other candidates’ issues are. I mean, what are his concerns? We just hear he’s ‘not like the other guy,’ what does that mean? It’s just not enough for my vote, but Warnock is.”

Election day is December 6th, so if you haven’t voted, Tuesday is your last chance. In Augusta,