Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Jackson Brown is asking the question on many inquiring minds.  

“When is it going to open everybody drives by here 100 times a day sees it but can’t get out here on it,” he said.

It, is the new old Fifth Street Bridge nearing the end of its transformation to pedestrian only.

It has the nice new paint scheme going on, some shade features, and Jackson points out what isn’t here anymore, motorists sure remember.

“All these years we had the bump, you could tell the people from out of town if they were in a pickup truck everything flying up in the air,” said Jackson.

Now after about 11 million dollars in will be pedestrians in the air above the Savannah linking Augusta to North Augusta. 

“Are you going to walk on it?” 

“Well, it’s the bridge to nowhere, nothing happens out there you know, I don’t know,” said Ken Kehr.

Jackson says he is ready to walk it and thinks others will as well, but some enticement might be needed.

They’re probably going to have to have some food vendors along the way even you know alcohol, if possible,” said Jackson.

We’ll drink to that once this bridge starts seeing some shoes. 

 Out There Somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.