AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) — Aiken’s Makin a place to see and be seen, for those on two feet and four. 

“We do dress them up they have little bandanas on them so it’s cute,” said Maci Owens. 

So, what’s the well-dressed dog putting on this season? Well here it just might be a bow tie.

“Dress nice you feel good when he puts that tie on, he was like I look good,” said Tiffany Morgan, whose dog Ozlo was sporting a bow tie.

This is the place for your furry fashionista, The Pointing Dog Collars and Accessories, with a huge selection of doggy bow ties. Talk about bow wow!

I mean where does a dog wear a bow tie?

“Everywhere, there is not an occasion where a dog doesn’t need a bow tie,” said Kristy Taylor of Aiken who came up with the idea.

Looking at the selection, college team bow ties, holiday bow ties, I guess it doesn’t just have to be Masters Week to rock a bow tie.

“There’s always a time for your dog to need a bow tie,” said Tiffany.

But is this latest in canine cool too much?

Would you be comfortable being a hip hound in a bow tie?

“Well, no because I think she would look better in a dress,” said Tracey Owens.

Doggy Bow Tie, turn that lovable mutt into a purebred. 

My neck, would I fit?

“I think we could fit you in one, I think we probably can,” said Kristy.  

I even found one that goes with my coat.