Kevin Byard emphasizes talent on defense in 1st round

NFL Draft

As NFL Draft week rolls on in Music City, Titans Safety Kevin Byard stopped by to have a chat with Cory Curtis and JB Biunno.  

Byard talked a little about the Cincinnati Bengals, and what they can do to improve their team in this year’s draft. As you can imagine, the All-Pro Safety is heavily invested in the defensive side of the ball.  

“Honestly, I think they should go defense in this draft because you have to be able to stop guys. They have a lot of weapons on offense you can mix in like (A.J.) Green and Tyler Boyd and those guys. You have players that can score points, but you gotta stop people.”  

Byard also acknowledged the presence of the ‘Air Raid” type of offense and how defense is key to shutting these types of offenses down.  

“When you’re going against these top offenses like Patrick Mahomes, the Rams, and different people like that, you have to be able to stop those guys. So, I think that’s probably the most important thing.” 

Join the conversation Tuesday as Cory Cortis and JB Biunno sit down with former Titans Scout Blake Beddingfield and former Titans Receiver Chris Sanders.

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