COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)– If you’ve been to the Savannah Rapids Park, you’ve probably seen “Love Locks Bridge.” There may soon be changes and a new addition to this attraction.

Behind each lock is a love story. The tradition is that you and your partner place a lock on the bridge and throw the key in the river—symbolizing your unbreakable bond.

But couples in Columbia County won’t be placing locks on the bridge for much longer.

Instead, the Convention and Visitors Bureau proposed a sculpture be built at the Rapids as the new place for couples to commemorate their love.

“I think public art is a part of having great quality of life. So it would be something not only our citizens can enjoy, but our visitors as well,” said Executive Director of the Columbia County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Shelly Blackburn.

“The intent is to find ways to invest in public art and this is our first delve into it,” said Chairman of Columbia County Board of Commissioners, Doug Duncan.

If the Board of Commissioners approves the art project at next Tuesday’s meeting, the sculpture is expected to be complete in mid July with a price tag of $20,000.

But what happens to the locks already on the bridge?

In the proposal, there is a request to leave all existing locks on the bridge. But the board of commissioners disagrees.

“Cut the bar on which they sit and put them on the new structure,” Duncan said. “The reason we’re moving is just for weight considerations. There’s a concern, at least the county has a concern, that the weight of the locks could affect the head gates so we might as well mitigate that risk.”

Next week, the commission will come to a decision about what to do with the existing locks. But one thing is for sure…they will not be damaged or discarded.

“People have invested time and emotion in placing those locks so if we can accommodate we will. That’s just part of being good stewards of the citizens,” Duncan said.