US Senate candidate spends the day campaigning in Augusta

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Augusta, GA (WJBF)- Both of Georgia’s US Senators are up for re-election this year, making the Peach State a key battleground state this election. A candidate for one of those seats spent his day in Augusta, looking for support.

Reverend Raphael Warnock met with Augusta Faith Leaders and the Richmond County Democrats as part of his “Georgia Voices” tour. He spoke about issues such as civil rights, healthcare, and the open Supreme Court seat.

“So let me be very clear. We must insist, first of all, that Mitch McConnell, hold true to the McConnell Rule. And to all the other Republicans. Not only him, but you can hear David Perdue over and over again as they denied the last President his nominee, because they said it shouldn’t happen because it was a year of the election,” Rev. Warnock said to the Augusta Faith leaders.

Rev. Warnock’s visit to the Garden City came on the heels of an important endorsement.

“I’m very grateful and deeply honored to have received the endorsement of President Barack Obama. And it means a lot, particularly in this moment in which the affordable healthcare is under attack,” said Rev. Warnock.

Rev. Warnock says as a healthcare advocate, all Americans deserve the right to affordable healthcare and he claims that right is in jeopardy.

“People are rightly focused on the election, but about a week after the election, there is a hearing in the Supreme Court regarding the future of the Affordable Care Act. It is something I will try to protect, stand up for and strengthen,” he explained.

So far, his message is resonating with at least one conservative Garnett Johnson owns the event space.

Garnett Johnson is the President of Modern Business Solutions:

“His ideals regarding humanity and all the great things as it relates to our youth. The environment with our penal system,” Johnson said.

Robert Hulse of the Columbia County Democratic party agrees.

“I think he’s a great candidate. He’s one that a lot of people can rally around with his faith experience, who he can reach, who he can touch, who he can energize, what he brings to the table,” said Hulse.

Rev. Warnock said he is concerned about how divided America is and hopes to be able to bring people together.

“Behind that is the more fundamental spiritual question about the covenant we have with one another, and both as a candidate and a United States Senator, I intend to remind us of the commitment we have to each other as an American people.”

Rev. Warnock wants voters to be clear that he is running for Kelly Loeffler’s seat, not David Perdue’s. He encourages people to register to vote as soon as possible for the November 3rd election.

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