Taking a look at Georgia’s Senate races before election day

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GEORGIA (WJBF) – Georgia is the only state in the country to have two senate races.

One of those is between Republican incumbent David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff.

The other senate race includes 20 candidates including Rapael Warnock, Doug Collins and Kelly Loeffler — who Governor Brian Kemp appointed to fill Senator Johnny Isakson’s seat.

From the economy to healthcare, Georgia’s Senate candidates are vying for your votes.

On the Democratic ticket, pastor Raphael Warnock is one of the frontrunners.

“Healthcare, healthcare, healthcare. I am very focused on that in our country,” says Warnock. “As a result we are witnessing a devastation in our rural healthcare system. Hospitals are literally closing.”

Meanwhile, two Republicans are battling it out: incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler and Doug Collins.

“We have to keep our communities safe,” says Loeffler. “We do that by providing jobs, economic opportunities, safety and security, good healthcare coverage. We need to address the core issues that we have.”

“We need to make sure our water resources are protected for our south Georgia farmers.
We need to look at rural broadband which we have started in north Georgia,” says Collins.

The clash between the conservatives and liberals, with the fate of the senate possibly in Georgia’s hands.

“We’ve got to get wages up in this country. We’ve got to deal with voter suppression,” says Warnock.

“They want to socialize healthcare, take away our private health insurance coverage. They want open borders. They want to pack the courts. They want to raise taxes on hard working Georgian families,” says Loeffler.

“Coming out of the pandemic, economic recovery, making sure our schools are open, and our families can get back to work,” says Collins.

Political experts predict this senate race will head to a run-off on January 5th since a candidate needs to get more than 50-percent of the votes.


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