AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- “ unfortunately I think that the numbers are low today for one because this is a special primary it was not something that was planned it’s not something on the schedule so I think a lot of people were not aware of it“ said Travis Doss, Richmond County Board of Elections.

Starting election day with a low voter turnout, Rev. Karlton  Howard is named the projected winner for the District 129 seat with more than 1800 votes.

Howard will fill the seat of  his late brother, Georgia state representative Wayne Howard.

 “ the race is important because it’s an important district it’s an important seat for the delegation in the Augusta area it encompasses a diverse group of people” said Howard.

More than 34 thousand people were registered to vote with more than two thousand ballots cast.

Howard says he believes he can meet the needs of people who live in District 129.

” The purpose of a representative is to not go and represent yourself but you know your constituents know those persons who you are leading know who you are representing and being able to know what their issues are and know what their concerns are” said Howard

Poll Workers who helped make election day a success say, it’s important to get out an vote.

 “ that’s just a simple importance is that who we elect to represent us that’s going to affect our daily life those the ones I believe we should be voting for” said Joseph Arrington, poll worker.