AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — All Rosa Clemons had to do was look down at her shirt to remind herself why she was standing outside the Municipal Building this morning. 

“I wanted to be in line to vote today because it’s the first day of voting and I wanted to make sure I made it the first day., make my vote count,” said Clemons. 

Clemons wasn’t alone on day one of early voting and found a long line snaking outside on the side of the Municipal Building where early voting was taking place. 

The large turnout is considered unprecedented for this off-year election.  

“For a non-presidential year, yes, for the first day, yes, we haven’t seen this before especially on the first day, long lines like this,” said Elections Director Travis Doss. 

The popularity of day one of early voting was responsible for a long line, but voters took it in stride.

“I think it’s great, I’m glad to see so many people down waiting that’s part of my job being patient.”

And it took some patience to make it through the line and finally cast a ballot.  

“Thirty-five to forty minutes,” said voter Linda T.

“Was that a long time?”

“No, I was glad to be here I was happy to be here,” she said.

There are some very important contests on the ballot driving turnout, but now for hundreds of Garden City voters the wait is over, and they’re all done.