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Kemp steps down as Secretary of State as Abrams refuses to concede

(WJBF) - Day 3 with no official call on the next race for Georgia governor:  Both candidates held press conferences Thursday.

Secretary Kemp finally doing what his critics have been calling for for months: resigning as Secretary of State. Saying he needs to focus on his transition to being Georgia's Governor. 

Stacey Abrams' campaign responded, saying not so fast...that this race has not officially been called by anyone other than Kemp and his compatriots, and that there are thousands of outstanding ballots, and that those voters deserve to have their votes count.

Governor Deal is calling Secretary Brian Kemp 'Governor-Elect', even though it isn't official.  Deal says time is of the essence to transition.

Kemp also announced his new staff and Deal announced a new Secretary of State to replace Kemp.

On the other side of town, outrage. Abrams' campaign points out that they're within 25,000 votes of a runoff and that they believe there are more votes than that outstanding, including military ballots which aren't due until Friday and ballots from the hurricane hit areas, which were rerouted through Tallahassee.

"As you know on Tuesday, we earned a clear and convincing victory," says Kemp.

"To put it very simply, all the votes haven't been counted. How can someone declare a clear and convincing victory if all the votes haven't even been counted?" says Abrams Campaign Manager, Lauren Groh-Wargo.

5 counties have certified their votes, leaving 154 outstanding, plus those military votes. Right now, Kemp is at 50.33% -- that's one third of a percent above the trigger for a runoff. 

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