AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- “I’ll bring to the table ability to get things done to finish the deal to get it into the end zone and plus I am willing to work with the governor and the Republican majority that’s one of the things that I wish everybody in this race would commit to is working with the governor because we need to have the governors help it doesn’t matter what party they are” said Brad Owens.

Brad Owens is a contractor in Augusta  running for State House District 129.  He is one of four candidates looking to fill the seat in the special primary December 20th.

He says with many issues surrounding the District he wants to focus on reducing crime and other  important problems.

“The other is inflation, right now we can’t do a whole lot about inflation at the state or local level except we could do one thing we could permanently suspend the fuel tax in Georgia we’ve done it for over eight months now,” said Owens.

Owens says he believes in order to fix these issues,  Democrats and Republicans have to work together.

“I need to know where the potholes are in my district I need to know what state roads we can get I need to figure out how to get Gracewood funded with that money and things like that so mean that’s what I think I hope people take a look at what I’ve accomplished in my life, in public service, and judge me by that…judge me by my whole life service,” said Owens.

With low voter turnout in this race, getting people out to vote is important as well.

For the past few months Owens has been writing hand written letters, trying to reach voters in the district.  

“Unfortunately, when it comes to turn out it’s up to the candidates always is up to the candidates  but doing what you’re doing right now like these interviews this will help people the problem is not a people don’t wanna vote or don’t understand the importance of the race a lot of people just don’t know there’s an election on December 20th,” said Owens.

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