WADLEY, Ga. (WJBF) — Hershel Walker’s Unite Georgia bus tour made a stop in Wadley, Georgia. Walker attended an event at Battle Lumber Company and spoke to employees about his beginnings and his perseverance. 

“‘Cause as that little kid that grew up overweight, as that little kid that was bullied a great deal, God helped me to overcome. But he helped me overcome ‘cause I had faith in him. I had faith that he was gonna lead me no matter where he was gonna take me. And I know we were gonna get there together,” said Walker.

Walker spoke to an enthusiastic crowd about his childhood, his football career and what has led him where he is today.

After his speech, he responded to recent allegations.

“I said this- this here-the abortion thing is false. It’s a lie. And that’s what I said. I said anything that happens with my ex-wife and what Christian was talking about, I don’t know,” said Walker.

Walker stated that he loves his son very much and that he has not recently spoken to any of the mothers of his children.

“Everybody’s got skeletons in their closet, ain’t nobody perfect. You know, he’s got to live with what he’s done. And if he’s repented and he goes on from it, I mean, hey, forgive and forget,” said Ken Watkins, a local citizen.

“People believe allegations without finding out for themselves,” said Katelynne Hammock, a Battle Lumber Company employee.

Participants at the event spoke about the changes they wish to see on a national level and in rural Georgia.

“We need to change at the top. I don’t think Warnock represents the true, rural Georgia. He represents Atlanta needs. And we need more help in rural Georgia,” said Watkins.

Despite recent allegations, Walker remains confident that he will win.