EXCLUSIVE | Bernie Sanders discusses Georgia being in play this election

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(WJBF) – Bernie Sanders ran for president twice but now the Vermont senator says he’s not running again. Instead, sanders wants all Georgians to get out and vote with two tight senate races and a state that may flip.

Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says voters can’t sit this election out.

“Well Georgia is obviously an important battleground state for president and 2 senate seats. “If the Democrats were to gain control, if we can win those to seats in GA, that would make it happen.  It is enormously important.”

President Trump says turnout is strong because Americans are prospering but Sanders believes turnout is high because people want change.

“I think the reason GA is undergoing transformation, there is growing dissatisfaction across the country.”

The Trump campaign says their quick action prevented more coronavirus deaths but Sanders disagrees and says the White House needs a better plan to manage the pandemic.

“We are dealing with a terrible pandemic. You have a president who continues to say we are turning the corner and we are not.”

And he says that the democrats are the ones equipped to handle that.

“As a result of the pandemic, tens of millions have lost their jobs and want a government that will work for them, raise the minimum wage, expand healthcare and not throw 23 million of the healthcare they have.”

Georgia has not flipped blue since Bill Clinton’s presidency in 1992.

Sanders says winning Georgia’s two senate seats will allow democrats to pass a COVID 19 relief package but republicans say they are ready and it’s the democrats that are stalling.

Bernie Sanders called the electoral college “Problematic” because it brings the election down to just a handful of states. But both republicans and democrats agree that no matter which party you choose, just get out and vote.


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