AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — After casting their ballots, Augusta voters are coming back for a runoff, like it or not.

“If we have to, I’ll be out there voting, hopefully, we won’t have to, but I’ll be out there voting,” said Angela Anderson.

After record-breaking early voting for a midterm, Augusta Election officials predicted a 55 to 60 percent turnout for the election.

“Yes, I’m a little disappointed, I think I was gauging high with the 55 because I was kind of hedging my bets,” said Augusta Elections Director Travis Doss.

With a Senate race getting national attention, a lot of voters were fired up for this midterm and tens of thousands of Augustans voted, but tens of thousands did not.

The turnout was 52.3 percent for the 2022 midterm, falling several points short of the midterm turnout in 2018.

“Wow, that’s news to me, I’m surprised, I voted early and so did my wife,” said Dave Davis.
“But you’re surprised that 2018 did better?”
“Yeah, I sure am,” he said.  

“Really? Ah, that’s not good,” said Anderson.

“In 2018, we had about 28,000 people vote early, we had 31,000, we beat the early voting numbers, we just didn’t beat the Election Day numbers,” said Doss.  

Augusta voters will be getting another chance to turn out to make it count.