AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- It looks like Charlie Hannah will keep his seat on the Richmond County Board of Education. He was up against Reverend Larry Fryer. 

Charlie Hannah says he wants to finish what he started on the school board. Rev Larry Fryer  says his campaign is about change. 

“I enjoyed working for our citizens I enjoy working for the students and I don’t want from our challenges the challenges are real and I’m going to keep tackling them,” said Hannah

“I want a chance to make a change because there are areas in our system that do need to be addressed we do need to work together to bring about those changes,” said Fryer.

The campaigning is over.  On Tuesday, it was time to find out who voters want to serve on the school board.

“I’m feeling fairly well in reference to the run off election I wish I wasn’t in a run off election but the fact of the matter remains that this is the peoples’ seat  and they have to come to a final decision,” said Hannah.

Larry Fryer says he wanted to bring his educational experience to the board. 

“I have worked in different facets of the Richmond county school system really from a substitute to a teacher to working with Title I,”  said Hannah.

And there’s one thing both candidates have in common: They say they want to work to make the Richmond County School system, better.