That is the sound of WAFJ 88.3 FM in North Augusta South Carolina, a contemporary Christian radio station that has been spreading God’s message since 1994.

“It is a growing music format across the country. You look at record sales and this format has really taken off in recent years, the music has changed a lot over the years and so in spite of the change of the sound, the message is still the same”

WAFJ stands for Winning Augusta For Jesus and the station plays a variety of Christian music from pop, rock, country, traditional, and even heavy metal.

WAFJ is also one of the only radio stations in the CSRA that has full time on air staff, unlike the satellite driven stations in the market. John Bryant morning show host with Cleve Walker believes having local people on the air is important.

“It helps us to be able to see who we are talking too and it allows the listener to see that, hey, these are real people, they are here in the community, they go to church here, they shop in the same grocery store and go to the same gas station I do. These are real people that I’m listening to on the radio”

88.3 AFJ is also heavily involved in the community, by working with Safe Homes of Augusta, the Shepard Blood Center, and icare ministries as well as holding events like Winter jam and the Truth be told art party. The staff at WAFJ rely on public support as they don’t get money from outside advertisers.

“Most radio stations sell commercials as a way of being able to stay on the air. We depend on support from our listeners and that’s the way we’ve operated for the 22 years that we’ve been on the air”

And the Christian radio station keeps giving back by giving free air time to local churches and groups.

“We also, every year, as part of our ministry full time here is we offer free 30 second promotional announcements to churches and nonprofit ministries here in the CSRA”

There’s definitely something special about this hometown radio station, local people with a tough task of competing with major radio groups, no advertising, and even satellite radio. But they keep spreading the word, and will be for a very long time.

“Our slogan is family friendly 88.3 WAFJ. We are family people and we have created a radio station with families in mind, but with the heart of our message being about Jesus”

In North Augusta, for your hometown stories, I’m John Lynn, WJBF News Channel 6