Young woman looking for biological father makes Facebook appeal


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – An Augusta woman hopes the power of social media can help connect her with her biological father. She does not know his name or whether he’s still alive. So, NewsChannel 6 spoke with the 24-year-old exclusively about her quest to find the man who helped give her life.

It was a long walk through a few puddles into an auto mechanic’s garage Saturday afternoon.    But Rebekah Chad politely kept going.

“Hey,” she spoke.

Though a little shocked and very nervous, she had one question.

“So, do you know Mike Watson,” she said.

A name. Not the man she’s looking for, but a connection. Rebekah Chad is looking for the man she never met, her biological father. She’s seen stories of connections online before and after hitting a few brick walls, she decided to grab a sign and a marker and let the power of social media have its way.

Rebekah Chad, 24, is hoping to regain the relationship she never had.

“I just want answers. I want to know if he knew about me, why he left if he did. I want to know what his family is like, what his medical history is,” she told NewsChannel 6.

We reached out to Chad after seeing her Facebook post, now at more than 2,000 shares. We started digging only to find out that the Peach Orchard Road Nissan closed for good last year. The last owner? Well, that’s where Mike Watson comes into the story. Chad hopes he can tell her who may have sold her mother a burgundy pickup truck around nine months before she was born on August 18, 1993.

She recalled the story her mother, Mary Chad, has told her.

“They met. He sold her the car and they had a few interactions after that.”

Chad said her mother did not give her a name, possibly to protect her because that Nissan car salesman was married with kids. Her birth certificate though has a blank space next to father and she said she never had one. The nearby auto mechanic, who chose not to go on camera, said he remembers not just the owner, but some workers too and many are still alive and in town.

“According to my mother he was about 5’11, he had a medium build. He wasn’t tiny. He wasn’t huge. He wasn’t this macho buff guy. He had blue eyes and he had medium colored hair, so it wasn’t blond and it wasn’t black.”

Chad said she’s working a few leads from people who have inboxed her on Facebook. She thinks she has narrowed her search down to three salesmen at that Nissan in ’92, but she can’t be too sure.

You can reach Chad by sending her an email to

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