Young Girl is on a mission to spread Friendship — and Kindness

Leah Nelson and her friends hard at work making bracelets to meet demand.
Leah Nelson and her friends hard at work making bracelets to meet demand.

Sacramento, CA — With each bracelet Leah Nelson hands out a little instruction sheet that she came up with. The instructions are easy to follow – do something nice for somebody and hand them the bracelet with the instructions. They wear the bracelet until they do an act of kindness for somebody else and pass the bracelet and instructions to that person, and it keeps going.

“All you have to do is be nice,” Leah says simply.

That message hit a sweet spot. Just like those bracelets Sacramento’s FOX40’s story that aired more than a week ago keeps getting past along. Since Sunday it has been shared hundreds of thousands of times and viewed millions of times.

“I never thought it was gonna get this big.”

FOX40 caught up with Leah and her family and friends at home in West Sacramento where they are keeping up with all the demand. She launched a twitter feed called BECUSICARE11 and a similar Facebook page where people can share their acts of kindness. People are reaching out through those pages wanting to participate, so the Nelsons and their friends are feverishly weaving those bracelets, printing the instructions, and mailing them out to people who request them.

“We got people who wanted bracelets from Indonesia, from all the way across the world in Europe… It blew my mind when I heard it,” Leah beamed.

“I think because there are so many issues in the world. There are just so many issues that it really brightens peoples’ days to hear that there’s still some kind things, good things, going on in the world, ” Charles Nelson, Leah’s father, rationalizes. “It all really happened overnight.”

Leah’s parents are deeply moved by what their daughter has created.

“It’s been a beautiful thing to read the comments and the shares,” Charles admits. “You know, it goes across race line, gender line, political line. It’s just crossing everything. And just reminding people from the mouth of a 10-year-old – just be human, just be nice, understand that we’re all in this together and we’re all trying to get through it together. So I just think it’s fantastic.”

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