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Augusta, GA (WJBF) – As the community gets ready to honor the life of a fallen deputy, we look back on his heroic efforts the day he lost his life.

It started as a routine call

DISPATCH: “11 Emmit Street for an active burglar alarm.”

But in moments it became clear that it was much more serious

DISPATCH: “Fire Chief says everybody needs to back out of that cloud, everybody needs to back out of that cloud.”

Part of the tape reveals something that can only be described as chilling. Sergeant Greg Meagher, himself describing the incident that would ultimately take his life.”

DISPATCH: “hey (inaudible) this is Greg Meagher B-20 with the Sheriff’s Office. It appears that the building that houses the nitrogen, has busted a leak and the doors have all frozen and it’s leaking gases.”

But as we now know before Sgt. Meagher succumb to the gas, he did his best to save the life of a woman inside.

DISPATCH: “be advised the victim is on the ground.”

And while Sgt. Meagher’s heroic efforts were playing out back up from several agencies was on the way.

DISPATCH: “I need a HAZMAT unit in route.”

But those agencies did not arrive in time to save Sgt. Greg Meagher

DISPATCH: “we have one person unaccounted for we’ve pulled one deputy out of the structure at this time.”

According to reports by the time they found him on the floor their brother was gone.

DISPATCH: “dispatch to battalion one ………dispatch come in…….”

Funds have been set up to support Sergeant Meagher’s children and grandchildren.

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