AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – As we recognize the labor force this Labor Day holiday, we learn that working in this country, for some, means having others speak up for you.

This year, a west Augusta Starbucks became the first to unionize in Georgia and the second in the South. The move came after many felt overworked, underpaid and burned out.

“We need to have more worker’s rights in this country,” said Jaysin Saxton, a local union representative for Starbucks Workers United.

As Americans shop, rest from work and reflect this Labor Day, one member of the workforce wants the public to know the value of the people doing the work.

“Workers having a say,” he said. “That’s all we want is workers to have the right to decide what they’re doing day to day. To make sure that the company is not just holding all the profits for the people at the top. They’re not just dictating what happens.”

Saxton said he and partners at the store on Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway began organizing in January, even going on strike in July.

That came after what Saxton details in a letter to the CEO about his nearly 40 percent raise and a nationwide cut of hours for baristas. He said at the Augusta store, following the strike, baristas along with Saxton were fired without much warning.

“Now they don’t have their shop steward anymore,” he exclaimed. “Their direct contact to the union.”

Saxton said he’s a stay at home dad while his wife works at Starbucks. He’s doing food delivery and waiting to see if he can get his job back.

But he told us Starbucks Workers United still exist at the local store, it may just need some rebuilding.

“There’s a lot of fear within that workplace right now. Not just my firing, but because it happened so retaliatory against all of us. Yes, it would have to be rebuilt in a sense, but really it would just be restructuring,” he explained.

Saxton said people need to support the now unionized Starbucks, something that’s tough for the customer to do because the store closes early due to low staff.