AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Most people come to the hospital to receive healing. For 19 years, Janee Dock has come here to give it.

She explains, “I started as a PCA and then got my nursing license worked for a couple of years on night shift on the orthopedic floor. I did some relief charge nurse on the floor and then took an assistant nurse manager role permanently, then a nurse manager role and then a director role and then for the last three years this role.”

She’s now the Chief Nursing Officer guiding a large team of fellow nurses who are on the frontlines of providing care to people in need. It’s not a role she sought out. But it found her.

“Actually leadership was not in my purview. It wasn’t a goal of mine or anything I wanted to do. I really just wanted to take care of patients that’s where my heart lies. But, as I had opportunities in the charge nurse role and things like that to interact with people and kind of help and got into the assistant nurse manager role then I realized I like mentoring and so it just continued to grow from there.”

She attributes her success to someone who saw something in her.

“I had a good leader who was supportive and probably saw some things in me that I didn’t always see in myself and so there was a push from her but I didn’t realize that I enjoy being in leadership and mentoring,” she smiles.

Janee Dock is the epitome of a “servant leader.”

While being away from patients wasn’t her heart’s desire she has found a way to keep a pulse on patients while leading her staff to success.

“I had to come to a realization that I could help them in a different way. It might not be a physical touch. But, maybe it’s in how we care for them, the practice we do, the experience that they have that’s a different way that I can touch them than actual physical touch.”

For those trying to decide on their journey in nursing, she says the path begins with leaders like her.

We’ve always been an organization that believes in growing our own. But, the leaders are the ones that can help you if you have a goal or you have an idea like ‘I want to go somewhere but I’m not sure. Let’s talk about it and see what it is.’ Talking about it with someone and exploring different opportunities are always good ways to try to firm up what it is you want to do.”

Although she’s at the top, Janee Dock is always looking to pull others up as well. That’s why she’s one of our Women To Watch.

“Sometimes you have these hidden gems and stars that are there and can do more but they may not recognize it. But, you as a leader can. So, how do you help them once you see that potential that is there to realize that themselves and help them grow into something better,” she concludes.