Women To Watch: Felisha Ruehmer, Founder of “Walking Tall Mobile Ministry”

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AIKEN, SC. (WJBF) – Helping the homeless.  That’s become the mission for one Aiken County woman.  But it’s how she’s doing this that makes her mission so unique.  When you take a tour through Felisha Ruehmer’s RV, many would agree that it appears to be nothing more than a normal motor home.  But the lives that are changed inside of here is anything but normal.

“We’ve helped over 700 homeless so far,” said Felisha Ruehmer, Founder of “Walking Tall Mobile Ministry”.

It all began about 6 months ago after Felisha got her cosmetology license.  She said she wanted to do more than just cut hair in her hometown of Aiken…she wanted to cut down on the amount of people in dire need.

“If you see homeless on the street, they’re always looking down. You don’t ever see a homeless person walking with their head held high.  I want to give people that pride that makes them want to hold their head high and walk tall…and know they’re important,” said Ruehmer.

That’s what inspired the name for Felisha’s now thriving mobile ministry called “Walking Tall”.

“We give a free shower, free clothes, toiletry bags a free haircut.  Just show them that they’re important to us sit down and have Bible study with them,” said Ruehmer.

“I would much rather do this than do anything else with people who don’t think the same that my family thinks.  We think ‘help others’ and everyone else thinks ‘help me’, ” said Katelyn McFee, Felisha’s daughter.

In less than a year Felisha and her family have taken “Walking Tall” to more than 14 major cities across the country.

“Do you find that you have a lot of families that show up, or is it usually individuals?” asked Barclay Bishop, WJBF reporter.

“Yes, you would be surprised.  And usually if it’s families they’re in hiding. They don’t want a lot of publicity; they don’t want to be talked about,” said Ruehmer.

Felisha says her goal isn’t just to bring help to the helpless, but inspire others to follow her lead.

“It doesn’t even have to be about hair.  You can gather your family up on a Sunday after church, bag up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and just go pass them out, and show people they matter. And give those people who have nothing, something to give them hope and rise above,” said Ruehmer.

In November “Walking Tall” will be heading to New York City offering haircuts to the homeless at Grand Central Station.

There are many ways you can help from donations to volunteering, to learn more you can head to their Facebook Page – Walking Tall; Free Haircuts for Homeless

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