Columbia County, Ga. (WJBF) – Clean water is something we often take for granted, but for hundreds of millions across the globe, it’s something they don’t have.  Now, one Columbia County is trying to change that. 3 years ago that Christan Barnett visited South Africa. she said she fell in love with the village where she was and wanted to help them even more.

“The following year I planted a garden for my birthday. And I had a party and all of the funds went to build the garden and we were so excited,” said Christan Barnett, Founder of 28Bold.

But that excitement quickly turned into sadness.

“About 6 months later I went back and was so excited to see the garden and the garden was not growing,” said Barnett.

They didn’t have a basic need…water.

“When I stood at the garden that day I said, ‘I can walk away and pretend this never happened and just try to be sad and move on, or I can do something,’ ” said Barnett.

“You know one of the reasons why she’s that Woman to Watch is because she’s a woman of action. And that’s the thing right? It’s like taking action rather than doing nothing,” said David Barnett, Christan’s husband.

That’s why Christan started 28Bold. The name comes from Proverbs 28 that reads the righteous are as bold as lions. And this organizations mission is definitely a bold one, recruiting volunteers and raising money to build wells in Africa.

“At that time there were 700 million people in the world without clean water. Now that number is about 663 million,” said Barnett.

When Christan shared her vision with her contact from the village, she said they were overwhelmed.

“It will mean jobs, it will mean safety, it will mean dignity. It will mean health for the people to be able to drink safe drinking water, and you know for bathing and cooking,” said Barnett.

All things that for villages across the world will be life changing.

“It’s going to take a massive effort, but that’s what I see for 28Bold. Multiple wells, multiple water relief a year, and really just bringing that 663 million down to zero,” said Barnett.

Christan heads to Africa in March to help build her first 2 wells.

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