Women in tech lagging behind


A lot more women are needed when it comes to tech jobs. The latest stats show that women make up less than 20-percent of those jobs in this country.

A survey from Small Biz Trends reports girls are interested in tech careers at the age of 11, but they lose interest shortly after.

NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, talked to people in the tech field today to try to find out how to get and retain, more women workers.

Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math; STEAM is the wave of the future. But are we doing enough to encourage boys and girls to ride that wave? 

“I’m not saying these opportunities after school or summer are bad because they are not, they’re great,” said assistant professor of stem and steam at Augusta University, Dr. Ashley Gess. “And they do empower women who are not in stem discipline. But are we capturing the bulk of the people is the question?”

Dr. Gess is an advocate for introducing a STEAM-based approach in the classroom.

She believes other factors prevent women from pursuing tech jobs.

“There is a deficiency, and it’s not just women,” explained Gess. “It’s minorities, folks with disabilities; the equity problem in stem fields is real in the United States.”

A student in the computer science program at AU tells me the industry would benefit from having more female mentors.

“You aren’t like the example of all women in computer science,” said Aubrey Bryant. “You’re not the representative, there is the successful person that’s being the representative, and you’re following in their footsteps.”

After 10 years of teaching English, Bryant gave it up for a new path.

“My sister finished her masters in library science, and she took a coding class; she was like you should try this,” said Bryant. “I think you will like it.”

Now she is on her way to graduate with a degree in computer science.

The former English teacher encourages women of all ages to seize the growing opportunities in the tech field in our area. 

“Start trying things and figure out what kind of skills you have or what kind of interest you have that can fit into this big picture,” said Bryant. “Because it is a huge picture with a lot of different opportunities.”

There are several tech programs in the area for girls join.

Brown Girls Who Code , The Club House and Girls Who Code.

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