WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF)- A Waynesboro woman lives to see more than 10 decades, and family and friends come together to celebrate her life.

Jessie Mae Holmes has lived to see generations. On May 24th, Holmes made it to 107-years-old and couldn’t be anymore grateful. 

“Thank you all forever. I don’t think it’ll be another day, but if it is, I still say thank God and thank you all,” Jessie Mae Holmes said.

Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, cousins, and friends filled the room– where they celebrated life and love. 

“She has been like a mother, grandmother. She embraces all of us with love, tenderness, kindness, compassion and she straighten us up when she needs to,” Pastor at Thomson Bridge Baptist Church Clary Bishmone said. 

James Holmes is the son of Jessie Mae and says some of his favorite memories made with his mother happened right at his childhood church. 

“Momma used to bring me every Sunday. Bring me to Sunday school, and I’d get a spankin’ for being bad. But God really blessed me, I’m here today and I’m really glad and praise God for her.” 

He says he’s grateful to have his mom in his life for so long. 

“She blessed me to be here with her, almost 85 years and we really had some good times together– we had some rough times, but God has blessed us in keeping us. Just a blessing,” James Holmes said.

And not only was Ms. Jessie Mae a vessel in her home, her contagious spirit traveled beyond those doors.