Woman To Watch: Ashley Trinidad, Co-Founder “Hope Today For A Better Tomorrow”


Columbia County, GA (WJBF) –  It’s every parents worst nightmare. Hearing that your child has become a victim of a sexual predator. For Ashley and Robert Trinidad, that was the reality of what happened to their 8 year old daughter – all thru an ipad.

“She was actually groomed in a sense, to the person she was talking to. And she was taught how to delete history. She was taught how to delete apps in between use. The interactive apps where she could actually talk to these people. And because they were free apps there was never a password required, she was just able to download it,” said Ashley Trinidad, Co-Founder, Hope Today For A Better Tomorrow.

One day their daughter forgot to delete the app and that’s when Ashley discovered the messages.

“It was a blessing because we found the conversations, we found pictures. It was definitely horrifying to find,” said Trinidad.

What followed in regards to getting their daughter therapy and just going thru the legal process was something they had no idea how to handle. And if it was hard for them, they knew it would be hard for others going thru the same thing. That’s when “Hope Today For A Better Tomorrow” was born.

“Immediately we can get children into counseling, whether they were exploited or trafficked. And we also want to try to alleviate some of the financial burden, that’s a long term goal. Because psychology and psychiatric expenses, it can be a lot for a family,” said Trinidad.

“I think a lot of times people focus on their own pain and their own suffering, and I think being able to reach out and help others is a way to help and heal,” said Robert Trinidad.

Healing from something this couple never thought they’d be wounded from.

“We really just want to give parents hope that their children can overcome something like this, and I think the fact that we’ve been thru this will be beneficial to our cause,” said Trinidad.

Police have charged a suspect in the Trinidad’s case but the investigation is still ongoing.

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